Analyzing and Optimizing the world’s wind turbines

We use Augmented Intelligence, combining decades of domain expertise with data science and automated software to deliver Optimization-as-a-Service to the global wind industry.


Wind Turbine Optimization

Using a blend of optimization processes, best-in-class software and data analytics, we create custom solutions to suit each of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we provide maximum value, whilst minimising the effort required from our clients.

i4see op

i4SEE Optimization

Our experts work with you to optimize your wind fleet O&M.

i4see applications

i4SEE Applications

We use internally developed, best-in-class analytics tools.

i4see data science

i4SEE Data Science

We provide support from highly trained data scientists, as needed.


Years of combined experience

Wind turbine types analyzed

GW connected


Power curves assessed


Failure modes detected


reduce o&m cost

Wind turbine component failures are time-consuming to repair and result in production losses. Availability figures and full-service contracts may hide problems which will result in high costs for the owner in the long term. i4SEE assists customers by reducing failures and implementing better O&M practices.

reduce o&m cost

Maximize energy output

Through continuous analysis of turbine performance, issues can be quickly detected and diagnosed. Our recommendations are delivered together with estimated financial potential, to aid prioritization. Furthermore, we provide an unbiased assessment of wind turbine upgrades, including accurate calculation of AEP change.

maximize output

Reduce Workload

Industry professionals such as Asset Managers or Performance Managers are under constant time pressure as fleet sizes increase. The i4SEE approach provides painless onboarding, fully automated analysis and advice delivered directly by industry experts.

reduce workload

No hardware

New hardware causes upfront costs, logistical coordination, and on-site installation work that can be a distraction to site managers. i4SEE technology is fully digital, requires no hardware and is completely compatible with all turbine types and primary or secondary SCADA systems.

Improved Decision Making

With growing volumes of assets, issues and data, decision-making becomes challenging. i4SEE prioritizes all results and recommendations so that actions can be taken on the issues with greatest potential for positive gains.

decision making

Augmented Intelligence

We use Augmented Intelligence to analyze thousands of wind turbines with the highest level of automation and a small team.

What is Augmented Intelligence? We build technology to help industry professionals to make complex decisions more efficiently. This is the essence of Augmented Intelligence – we do not replace humans with AI, we combine software technology with human experience and intuition to create something that is smarter that AI will ever be.

The combination of wind turbine data analytics at huge scale with high automation has extraordinary potential for reducing the cost of renewable energy now and into the future.


Our clients

“The i4SEE applications provide wind turbine operators with value at all levels. Those with less experience in data analytics will gain completely new insights into the condition of their assets. For those with more experience, the automated tools enable efficiency improvements and ensure that nothing is missed.”

“Due to the high level of automation, the i4SEE Applications are ideal for a large fleet such as ours. We are working closely together with i4SEE TECH to integrate the tools into our operational processes, providing transparency across our organisation and ensuring that priority issues are dealt with as early as possible.”

“It is a pleasure to work with the team at i4SEE and they consistently provide us with an excellent service. By combining deep knowledge in renewables with highly efficient software tools, they are able to perform complex analysis tasks extremely quickly. Their fast response and high quality results are of great value to us.”

“We have a very successful cooperation with i4SEE TECH with great results. It was very easy to setup the software and include it as part of our operational processes. Their analysis results have enabled us to detect several major component defects in our turbines, allowing us to plan proactively and avoid expensive failures.”

“In cooperation with i4SEE, Eolus has established a process which uses data analytics to ensure maximum turbine performance. i4SEE supports our team of technical managers with analysis applications and domain expertise, enabling us to swiftly investigate and report on issues. This increases the team’s efficiency and helps us to manage even more assets in the Nordic region.”

“Historically, the operation of our turbines has been very much a black box, but we are now determined to look inside, though worried that we might drown in data. i4SEE’s systems will make sense of all the disparate data streams and allow us to see what matters, and what we need to do when.”

Industry Experts

At i4SEE we pride ourselves in our wealth of wind energy know-how. All members of our multidisciplinary management team are passionate about the wind industry and have accumulated decades of experience across hundreds of wind farms.

Christopher Gray

I founded i4SEE with the aim of bringing a great team together and building digital technology that changes the way data analytics can be used to optimize huge fleets. With our pragmatic and lean approach, we aim to provide our customers with a very high return on their investment in our services.

Christopher Gray
Stanislav Nedeljkovic

To keep pace with customer demands on software functionality and time-to-market expectations, we rapidly develop efficient, high-quality code. Our tools bring huge benefits through automation and digitalization, and we also offer our clients assistance in the adoption of agile techniques, helping them to move toward optimized and less stressful asset management.

Stanislav Nedeljkovic
Patric Strom

The wind industry needs modern tools, flexibility and smart digital strategy. Sustained increases in availability and reliability make a huge difference to the bottom line. We are skilled at keeping the focus on overall optimization and pursuing financial gains, while still having the tenacity to solve even the trickiest engineering problems.

Patrick Strom
Head of Product Success
Julien Tissot

The i4SEE approach is highly agile and pragmatic. We combine disparate data sources with our domain knowledge to produce insightful results. We work quickly and do not lose sight of the fact that when a wind farm is underperforming, every day that goes by results in lost energy that can never be recaptured.

Julien Tissot
Head of R&D

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