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i4SEE DataCheck™

High quality data analytics requires high quality input. i4SEE DataCheck™ performs a range of automated checks, confirming whether your data is suitable to be used for reporting and monitoring or whether corrective action is necessary.

i4SEE Performance™

Detecting and diagnosing issues that affect operation efficiency can be like finding a needle in a haystack. i4SEE Performance™ will regularly scan your fleet, detecting any problems as soon as they occur and providing clear recommendations, enabling you to take immediate action.

i4SEE Delta™

A range of hardware and software upgrades are offered to wind turbine owners looking to increase the power output of their turbines. But how should the effectiveness of such upgrades be evaluated? i4SEE Delta™ is a combination of best practice guidelines and a unique SCADA-based analytics solution to provide you with a precise and independent assessment.

i4SEE Heat™

Major component failures can result in extremely high repair costs, complex warranty claim procedures and significant lost production. i4SEE HEAT™ regularly and automatically checks the temperature of critical components in your turbines and provides a diagnosis in case early signs of failure are detected.

i4SEE GearDrive™

i4SEE GearDrive™ is a holistic gearbox monitoring solution to ensure that all available data streams are combined for early fault detection. SCADA data, vibration CMS and oil particle measurements are combined to give clear, actionable results on the health status of wind turbines.

i4SEE Life™

i4SEE Life™ provides short and long-term estimates for the rate of failure of critical components across your fleet. Such information is of extremely high value when used as an input to processes such as prioritization of turbine inspection tasks, spare-parts management, or in negotiation of insurance or maintenance contracts.

i4SEE Damage™

i4SEE Damage™ ranks the likelihood of turbine failures by combining inputs such as failure statistics, wind conditions, and loads experienced by each turbine. SCADA data is used to enable a more accurate & comprehensive approach to managing turbine risks and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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