CGN Europe Energy, France


Name: CGN Europe Energy S.A.S.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Customer Since: 2020 

Wind Capacity: 700 MW

Wind Turbines: 300 

Asset Locations: France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden  

Turbine Suppliers: Senvion, Vestas, Enercon, GE, Nordex

Stakeholders: Engineers, Operations, Asset Managers, Analysts, Managers


“If you are looking for a reliable, accurate and affordable tool for condition monitoring of your wind turbines, you need to check out i4SEE. 

“They took the time to figure out our needs and goals as a company and gave us a few excellent solutions to choose from. We accomplished detecting abnormalities and small damages at the early stages, thanks to i4SEE ‘s modules such as i4SEE Heat and i4SEE GearDrive. Consequently, we are avoiding sudden failures of key components on our fleet. 

“It is a great accomplishment considering the size, variety of turbines’ types and geographic locations of our assets. What we love most about i4SEE is that it can work accurately based on SCADA data thanks to their smart computation model and their knowledge of the wind industry. We cannot end this testimonial without mentioning the courtesy that the i4SEE team has always shown us and the quality of their customer services. 

“We definitely recommend i4SEE to everyone we know.”

Chris François, Technical Support Team Leader 

Benefits for CGN

  • Decrease in unplanned downtimes
  • Decrease in maintenance costs
  • Increase in availability 
  • Avoidance of sudden failures of key components
  • Early identification of abnormalities and small damages 
  • Identification components at higher risk of failure
  • Prevention of gearbox, main bearing, and generator bearing failures—no major failures since the implementation 
  • Automated performance monitoring of turbine power curves
  • Increased ability to manage more assets in line with the ambition to reach 3 GW portfolio