Custom Filters: A step closer to eliminating the noise

Why are custom filters important ?

Few will deny that monitoring and achieving optimal wind turbine performance relies on accurate wind resource measurement. However, ensuring that a wind turbine’s specific operating conditions are defined and classified is also key to optimizing performance.

Most wind farm operators have to deal with complex curtailment rules to comply with environmental regulations on at least part of their fleets. Without automatic definition and classification, curtailment rules may negatively impact the turbine’s power curve and appear to reduce performance.

Working with advanced technology such as the i4SEE Performance™ application which can be configured to automatically consider noise control, sector-based load control, bat and bird curtailments events, helps operators ensure these rules are correctly implemented and associated losses are properly accounted for.

Growing wind portfolios mean increasing time pressure, so saving performance engineers valuable time by preventing such events from producing “false alarms” and distracting their attention from other unexpected events is essential. Through a better understanding of turbine performance, no unnecessary production losses should be left undetected, the wear of main components can be reduced and financial penalties for non-compliance can be avoided.

By eliminating the noise caused by curtailment rules, operators are one step closer to understanding the true performance of the assets they manage and achieving operational excellence.