FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have also developed an API to allow data to be collected from your system, we will build a connection to i4SEE. If you have no API, we can work with you to setup an automated, secure file transfer service.

We can provide you with a secure server to which you can upload your data on a regular basis. The i4SEE system will then automatically collect and process the data. We can help you to setup the best solution.

i4SEE works closely with several providers of renewable energy data management platforms and second-level SCADA. Please let us know which system we are using and we will let you know whether we already have a solution.

In the future we intend to provide a portable version of the entire i4SEE framework. You will then be able to install this on your company server or private cloud, and use our applications without the need for any data transfer. Watch this space!

We take the issue of data security very seriously. Once we have analyzed your data and presented the results, your data will be removed from our server. We do not keep a long term record of our customer data.

Our analysis service is completely automated and can manage data from extremely large fleets. We setup an automated data transfer, then each month our software will import operational data for the last month. Each i4SEE application to which you have subscribed will then analyze the data. Results are made available for collection via our API, or can also be returned via Email as an Excel attachment.

We have several solutions for automatic data transfer. If you are using one of the SCADA platforms that we already support, we can setup a direct connection and a scheduled analysis service. If you have an internally developed data management system which includes an API, we will develop a connection. Otherwise we will work with you to setup an automatic secure file transfer.

Our software applications are designed with highly efficient analysis of large fleets in mind. We provide high level results consisting of fault diagnostics and recommendations. Our recommendations are ranked according to financial savings potential, so you can focus your time on the highest priorities. If you need our support in interpreting results and following up, just let us know, we can help you!

No, our applications are cloud-based and fully automated. Apart from establishing an automatic data transfer solution, no other setup or configuration is needed.

We have performed analysis on a large number of turbines form various manufacturers and of different ages. Furthermore, our software uses machine learning techniques to quickly understand the behavior of new turbines.

Through our early project trials and open discussion with our customers, we have learned that performing monthly analysis is the best compromise between enabling a proactive strategy whilst avoiding an information overflow.

Our analysis uses only data that is typically available from the wind turbine data logging system. In addition to the turbine type specification, we use SCADA 10-minute logs, event logs as well as some specialized condition monitoring signals (e.g. particle counts, CMS) if relevant.

The i4SEE analysis service is designed to provide you with the most important and valuable insights from your data, in a form that allows efficient and effective follow-up. We will provide you with access to our own API, so that you can request results each month and integrate them into your existing software or dashboarding tools as you prefer. We can also send you an email with an Excel file attached containing all results.

We are always open for discussion with our customers about their ideas for new types of analysis. We have created a development process that allows us to build, test and deploy new applications very quickly, so please do contact us and let us know your ideas!

We aim to release a new application each quarter, to ensure that our portfolio of solutions expands quickly in response to the dynamic needs of the renewables O&M market.

Please refer to our Products page for an overview of the applications that will be coming soon.

Yes, we can provide you with dedicated support from one of our digital strategists. We will call you once per month, discuss analysis results with you and agree the best strategy. Just let us know if you are interested in such a service.

Yes, we are happy to provided an extended level of support for such cases. Just let us know what you need, we will be there to support!

Yes, we are strongly focused on continuous R&D, not only to develop new applications but also to improve our existing methodology. We will do our best to make sure that we provide you with the best, most state-of-the art solutions.

We charge a monthly, SaaS fee for the use of our applications. Prices are calculated based on the size of fleet that is analyzed and the number of applications that you use. Please refer to the Products section for more details.

We focus our attention fully on what we know best, which is the automated analysis of operational data. Our tools require minimal setup effort, analysis tasks run automatically and use low-cost computing resources, we do not build complex user interfaces. Through this approach, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing.