How asset management could go with the i4SEE Flow™ of data analytics

Bridging the gap between data analytics and corrective field actions is the most crucial part of the journey towards successful wind turbine fleet optimization projects. One of the main reasons why data science projects are often located at universities is that they tend to be complex, and the results are often not what one would call “actionable”. That is a pity because everyone talks about the huge potential value in data, and companies like Google and Amazon have built tremendously successful data-driven businesses. We know there are ways to get more out of data, but especially in the relatively conservative energy industry, this is not happening at the scale that it could and should be.

But how should we start adding value to our businesses by using data? The common answer is: “build a data lake and start data mining.” Sounds great, but data mining alone is not the answer. In the same way that a gold mine produces gold ore (and not beautiful jewelry), the result of a data mining process is only potentially useful data. What really makes it really useful is the refining process. i4SEE Augmented Intelligence™ is used not only to mine data but also to ensure that afterward, the useful data is well refined and even crafted to deliver valuable insights and action recommendations.

But what is all this good for, if it is not delivered in the right way?

Of course, there is not only one right way. At i4SEE we are driven by the idea, that data analytics must be integrated into organizations through well-defined and highly automated processes. And what is better than using already existing ticket systems/workforce management systems to ensure that the results of data analytics are actioned? Our application i4SEE Flow™ was built to connect to whatever system is already being used by our customers. This makes it easy for everyone to integrate the actionable results of data analytics into a well-established process. Apart from using tools like file shares and e-mails, most commonly used by everyone, we have successfully connected to a range of commercial systems including Asana, BaxEnergy AssetStack, Jira, and Trello. It is very satisfying for us to see how our customers use these systems to action the results, efficiently gaining value from the insights generated by the i4SEE Applications. regularly share examples of such success cases in our “Insights From The Field” articles, so stay tuned for more.