How Cubico jumped over the gap between data science and field action

One of the biggest struggles faced by many organizations is the effective conversion of data into value. 

One of the most common challenges in the wind energy domain is caused by the gap between data science and field actions. Why? Simply because the world of a data scientist and the world of a wind turbine service technician are very different. Between these worlds we have asset managers with technical and budgetary responsibilities and finally, management teams which want to see clear business cases for all investments.  

“As a company, we have a clear focus on operational excellence, so we’re always monitoring for ways to improve the performance of our fleet,” Michel Rodrigues, WTG Engineer from Cubico Sustainable Investments stated. “Through our work with i4SEE, we have been able to combine our in-house technical knowledge with i4SEE’s analytical and strategic data expertise to create real value for the company.”  

The i4SEE solution helps busy teams operating large windfarms to more efficiently manage their challenges and find the right priorities, and the success is clearly visible.  

“After working together with i4SEE for a couple of months, we saw patterns in failure modes and with i4SEE’s help we were able to cluster them. This allowed us to present a strong business case to our management team, and in turn preventatively flush main bearings with temperature abnormalities and inspect precisely the gearboxes that are potentially faulty. This clearly is the reward from a good collaboration between Cubico and i4SEE.”

Michel Rodrigues states. 

Closing the gap between data and value will always be a result of many activities, that need to be seamlessly combined. The continuous process that i4SEE introduces with all its customers, often is the starting point to cross this gap and make it to pastures new.