What is i4SEE Augmented Intelligence™?

This is a really exciting time in the wind energy industry. There’s a huge number of new projects being developed. The turbines themselves, and the global wind capacity are all growing rapidly.

In parallel to this, there is a general recognition that digitalization, data analytics, and optimization will be very important to get the best out of this increasing operational fleet.

One of the challenges in managing this, is to create technology that can be deployed at a very large scale and at a reasonable price.

At i4SEE, addressing this challenge is very central not only to our activities, but also our purpose as a company.

For this reason, we developed an approach that we call i4SEE Augmented Intelligence™.

The essence of i4SEE Augmented Intelligence™ is that we take the knowledge and the experience of industry professionals, who have a great understanding of operational assets, and embed this into our software technologies.

This combination of human and machine intelligence is then deployed, on cloud servers, which enables us to analyze very large portfolios of turbines, detecting performance issues, and upcoming component failures.

We then return this prioritized information to the human expert via digital processes, who in turn ensure that the insights are converted into value, in the operational fleets.